Product Development

Product Development

The key part of our activity and philosophy is to deliver the complete solutions to our customers. We are open for working hand in hand with your development team to create the products which will give your customers full satisfaction.

We believe that the technologies chosen and being mastered by us offer enormous potential to address the challenges of the contemporary food market. We are not afraid of scaling up our processing capacity to fill your growing needs – both by our investment and joint ventures.

Product development – areas of expertise


Our approach is wider the delivering nutrients. The food market is getting more complex and sophisticated as the expectations of consumers rise. Besides great taste and experience, customers are expecting additional value from food products which will help them eat healthy and responsibly to help our environment. Despite the tries we still eat too few plant origin products which can deliver great benefits to our planet and our healthiness.


We are open to running projects based on product development and manufacturing up to cooperation involving scaling up manufacturing capabilities jointly or on a contract basis. It allows you to shorten the product introduction to the market and achieve piece of mind that you will be able to deliver the goods to your customers while your success grows.


Finding effective solution using right raw materials and processing by the correct technology is a key area of expertise to assure your great product will fit the consumer spending abilities. There is a lot of great products on the market which stay niche items due to the pricing prohibitive policy determined by excessive costs of manufacturing. Freeze Dried products are associated with this problem and our mission is to make this fantastic technology available for wide market.


Organic production, no pesticides means wise consumption – both environmentally and for our own healthiness. One of the biggest threats to the sustainability of our ecosystem is extensive agriculture, we produce a lot more foods than we need and lose an excessive amount of what is produced in the distribution chain. By processing our foods wisely and changing our consumption habits slightly we can help eliminate those problems and still eat healthy.

Nutritional Value

Consumers are increasingly health-conscious, so developing products with good nutritional profiles is crucial. Consider factors such as calorie content, macronutrient balance, vitamins, minerals, and any other relevant nutritional aspects.


While workig with us you can be sure we will deliver the complete solution for your needs. Before we enter in the cooperation we get to know your needs and evaluate the project carefully.
Honesty – We go into work only when we exactly understand your needs and are able to deliver the solution both sides are satisfied with.

Safety and Regulations

Ensure the product complies with food safety standards and regulations set by local authorities. Implement good manufacturing practices (GMP), conduct proper testing, and adhere to relevant food safety protocols.

Examples of use

  • Introducing our innovative Smoothie Dices crafted from pure fruit puree – a fusion of flavor, nutrition, and creativity. These healthy snacks are formed into a variety of shapes, allowing us to cater to your unique preferences and visions. We can customize not only the shape, but also the flavor to your needs.
    We offer smoothie dices with the flavor of a single fruit, as well as a mix of several different fruits – just the way you like it. You can coat smoothie dices with chocolate, sprinkle with another product or offer as themselves as a healthy fruit snack. Because of our wide range of fruit products, we are trying to implement more fruits i.e. blackberry, strawberry and red dragon fruit into our snacks. They have
    different nutritional values so you can get a product with low sugar content or increased vitamin C content while still achieving the desired colors and characteristics.

  • We are using freeze drying to create revolutionary Smoothie Powder – a vibrant blend of freeze-dried fruits transformed into convenient, nutrient-packed powder form. Prepared with precision and care, our Smoothie Powder range brings the natural goodness of whole fruits to your fingertips, allowing you to create delicious and healthful beverages in an instant. Our customers like to have it during mountain hikes, long days at the office and an unexpected attack of hunger during a busy day. This product can provide you with specific vitamins, nutritional values, macronutrients, or fiber.

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