Our technologies

  • Freeze Drying

    The most advanced process of dehydration solid and liquid materials to make products of outstanding quality.

    Our philosophy of thinking differently pushes us to extend the limits of technologies we operate. We invest intensively into development of new products way beyond the regular Freeze Dried fruits.

    Our know how and expertise allows us to offer products which are fully customized in terms of used ingredients, color, shape and texture. The only limitation is that the product you will get from us is dry.

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  • Spray Drying

    Spray drying is a process used to transform a liquid or slurry into dry powder or granules. It involves spraying the liquid material into a hot air stream, causing rapid evaporation of the liquid, leaving the dried particles in the form of free-flowing powder, the particle size is below 250 microns.

    The powder can be agglomerated into 2-3 mm granules on a fluidized bed which makes the handling of the product easier and extends range of potential applications.

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  • Product Development

    The key part of our activity and philosophy is to deliver the complete solutions to our customers. We are open for working hand in hand with your development team to create the products which will give your customers full satisfaction.

    We believe that the technologies chosen and being mastered by us offer enormous potential to address the challenges of the contemporary food market. We are not afraid of scaling up our processing capacity to fill your growing needs – both by our investment and joint ventures.

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