December 21, 2023

Red Dragon Fruit

Red Dragon Fruit

What is dragon fruit?

The Dragon fruit plant (Hylocereus spp.) is a fast-growing evergreen cactus, which reaches up to 1.5 to 2.5 meters height with leafless thin vine-like branches. Dragon flowers are usually white in color and fruits are 25 to 30 cm long and 15-17 cm wide with bell-shaped. Dragon fruit is a long day and perennial plant; one planting can harvest fruit in around 20 years. At the present time, our company has a purple variety called Hylocereus costaricensis, which is native to Thailand or Vietnam. 

Application of Freeze-Dried Red Dragon Fruit

Freeze-drying this fruit helps extend its shelf life and shape it into molds for easy application as a supplement or as a stand-alone snack. 
Red Dragon characterized by its intense pink color, which is due to its high content of betacyanin. Betacyanins are pigments, belonging to the red-yellow class. The intense pink color of red dragon fruit contributes to its use as a substitute for synthetic colorants. Red Dragon's flavor is not very intense, which makes it suitable for use as a natural colorant without changing the taste of the product. Red Dragon Freeze Dried Powder can be used as an ingredient in smoothies. Pieces of Red Dragon Fruit can also be used to make snacks. The color of Red Dragon Fruit increases the attractiveness of the product and attracts the attention of adults and children.

Dragon fruit plant prefer light acidic soil with pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5. It is a plant that prefers a dry tropical or subtropical climate with an average temperature of 21-29 °C but can with stand temperatures of 38-40°C and freezing temperature for short periods. This crop requires sunshine and rainfall of 600-1300 mm with alternating wet and dry seasons. Interestingly, pitaya has been successfully cultivated in mangrove areas of Vietnam due to its high adaptation capacity to grow under harsh environmental conditions, becoming a valuable asset for the sustainable development of the country. 

Red Dragon Smoothie Powder

Red Dragon Freeze Dried Snack

Red Dragon Fractions

In our offer you find the RED DRAGON FRUIT freeze dried in two fractions: powder and dices. To see more details visit our Freeze Dried Products Page.

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