May 6, 2024


In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for nutritious meals can be challenging. That’s why it’s worth exploring a solution that is not only convenient, but also extremely beneficial to the body. In our latest post, we’ll outline why freeze-dried snacks are ideal for those who want to combine good taste with healthy choices.


Creating snacks

Our snacks are made from specially selected fruit or vegetable, which we grind into a puree. Our R&D department works out all the details in terms of texture, taste, shape, as well as the intended use – for example, baby food. To increase variety, functionality, processing parameters and price, we create snacks with additives such as fibre or millet flakes. This is why our snacks are unique, as we can freely modify them according to the customer’s taste requirements. The availability of different moulds allows us to obtain shapes such as sticks, cubes or drops. The prepared pre-product is frozen and subjected to a freeze-drying process. After processing, we obtain snacks that retain the vitamins of the original fruit.

The best structure

Snacks made from fruit or vegetable puree have a smooth texture that is ideal for children. Another option is to blend fresh product to produce a more natural snack, for example with visible seeds or pieces of fruit. After freeze-drying, the result is a pleasantly crumbly texture that melts in the mouth and surprises with its flavour.

Advantages of freeze-dried snacks

– ideal substitute for unhealthy snacks,

– the freeze-drying process preserves all the vitamins and minerals found in fruit and vegetables,

–  long shelf life, so we can enjoy the taste of fruit at any time of the year,

– easy to introduce vegetables into your diet,

– wide variety of flavors and textures

– the snacks are small and fit into a backpack, so you can always have them with you,

– freeze-dried snacks are colorful and fun to eat, for this reason they attract children’s attention.

Various shapes and colours of snacks

In conclusion, freeze-dried snacks are an excellent option for those looking for healthy and convenient snacks. Although the freeze-drying method has been known for a long time, it is only now gaining popularity among a wide range of consumers looking for alternatives to traditional snacks.

Their long shelf life, preservation of most of their nutritional value make them an ideal travel companion, whether for mountain hikers, business travelers or vacationers.