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Dried fruits are not healthy and must be preserved to keep its shelf lifetime.

You can hear a lot of bad things about dried fruits. It is absolutely crucial to understand the differences between the drying methods and final dehydrated products. The crucial for the quality is the method of drying. Freeze Drying is the superior method of drying allowing for preserving over 90% of nutritional values from the fresh fruits, therefore thanks to Freeze Dried technology you get the fruits available around the year, easy to store in ambient temperatures and stable for years.

Is it fair to say a small pack Freeze Dried fruits is equivalent to one portion of fresh fruits?

Yes, it is absolutely correct. We recommend the single dosage of Freeze Dried fruits or powders to be approx. 10grams. It is equivalent of 1 out of 5 recommended daily portions of fruits and vegetables.

What is the shelf lifetime of Freeze Dried fruits?

Freeze Dried fruits are dehydrated to the extend unachievable for other technologies, typical water content for the lyophilized fruits is approx. 1,5%. What is more important for the safe storage is AW value – Water Activity. In order to guarantee the safety of storing for the dehydrated fruits the values must be below 0,6 – the level preventing against worsening of the microbiology. Typical values of the Air Dried products are between 0,4-0,8 comparing to Freeze Dried products which can be reduced to 0,1-0,2. It means by Freeze Drying you are able to achieve full safety of the product with no additives or artificial preservatives or antioxidant.

Are Dehydrated fruits synthetically preserved to extend their life?

They can be but it is absolutely not necessary! Applying dehydration technology in the proper way it is absolutely not necessary to add external preservatives. It is basically the matter of the applied technology and time. We can assure you that there is no preservatives, artificial colors and no other additives. Properly done process of Freeze Drying can last up to 24 hours, therefore it is quite expensive one, but we believe the benefits of it greatly outweigh the costs.

Are Airdried Fruits always bad?

Not always, but it depends on the drying process mostly. Air Dried fruits can be a good dehydration method and more cost effective comparing to Freeze Drying. We strongly suggest to carefully check the manufacturing flowchart and product specification. We strongly advice to using the Air Dried fruits with no addition of preservatives (e.g. SO2) and sugar. Both additives aim is to prolong the shelf lifetime of the Dried Fruits and it is not necessarily good in our opinion. Properly dried fruits can stay stable for long periods without them. It is also important to note that typically Air Dried fruits are produced from the fresh ones therefore their availability through the year can be limited. What is more the loss of nutritional values in dried fruits is higher typically around 30% compared to fresh or Freeze Dried fruits which can be important differentiating factor for the most aware customers. If you need an affordable dried fruits solution, please ask us about our offer as well.

Processed fruits are losing the health benefits of the fresh fruits?

Not in this case. Freeze Dried fruits are processed as the whole fruits, we keep all what is included in the Fresh Fruits except of water. Vitamins, Fiber, Antioxidant benefits it all stays in the fruits after Freeze Drying. The scientific view about juices, especially those reconstituted from the concentrate is that they are not equivalent to the portion of fruit and unfortunately it may be true. The good news is that same believe is groundless for Freeze Dried fruits, which means you are getting the whole fruit as it is, juts except of the water.

My daily portion of fruits is a glass of fresh juice, I do have enough fruits in my diet.

By pressing the juices even on your own, you are losing lots of ingredients which are crucial to benefits of fruit consumption in the balanced diet. The crucial and the most important one is the natural balance between fiber and sugars naturally occurring in the fresh fruits. Up to 90% of fiber is removed during the juicing process, depending on the juicer. Some soluble fiber will remain, but the majority of insoluble fiber is removed and that is the problem. Naturally occurring sugars are absorbed way more quicker without the fiber therefore cause adverse impact on our body by increasing sugar blood level. It is important to understand that fruit juices are not the “free sugar” as the whole fruits. Why do not you try a smoothie made from our solution - Freeze Dried fruits powders?

What is dehydrated fruit? Are they all the same?

It is important to understand that drying can be done in many different methods which results in different quality of final products. Regular Air Drying with hot air is the most common method – fresh fruits are exposed to circulating high temperature air flow and water is evaporating. Typically, such product can be preserved with additions of synthetic preservatives of SO2. Hot air exposure leads to significant losses of nutritional values up to 30-40%. Its shape and taste experience is also far away from taste of the fresh fruits. On the other hand, this method is cheap, relatively simple and offer the basic need of dehydrated fruits. Our products are Freeze Dried which is completely different technology particularly focused on preserving the nutritional values of the fruits and gentle dehydration. The whole process is done in the temperatures below 50C degrees therefore it is keeps the status of the raw product.

Superior microbiology and extremely low water content – what does it mean to me?

Freeze Dried Powder can find their application in clean and dry environment. Would you like to add some natural taste to the whey protein? It is absolutely not a problem using Freeze Dried fruits. Have you experienced the difficulties adding Air Dried Fruit powders to proteins, granola or other compositions? Probably the results were less than perfect as agglomeration or loss of crunchiness are common challenges. Should you need a solution for those problems please feel free to contact us.

How does drying affects the environment and climate changes?

We believe that our approach to serve fruits is way more effective for the environment than consumption of fresh fruits distributed through modern retails chains. There few reasons for it:

1. Much smaller losses of the produced and not consumed fruits – up to 30% produced food is wasted

2. Significantly lower carbon doioxide emission due to ambient storage and logistics during the supply chain.

3. During drying we basically need to provide the same energy as during the freezing process. Afterwards there is no other energy consumption needed.

To make it clear we love the fresh fruits as much as you, but it seems a bit strange to use consuming fresh seasonal fruits during the winter holidays. We just want to let you enjoy the fruit experience around the year. Freeze Drying is our best answer to this dilemma.

Why Freeze Dried fruits are so expensive compared to the fresh fruits?

We agree when you compare the fruits during the harvesting season and abundance of fresh fruits is available. Our aim is to offer you similar experience around the year. Taking into account this Freeze Dried fruits can be a great alternative off-the season. Just let us have a look: Fresh Strawberries 250g can cost off the season in the supermarket approx. 2,5EUR, 250g of Blueberries is the approx. 2EUR per package, 250g of Raspberries would be approx. 3EUR. Let us take into account dehydration factor which can be up to 10 times. (Having 100g of Freeze Dried Strawberries is equivalent to 1kg of fresh ones!). We are sure that you can find the portion of Freeze Dried Fruits snacks at only slightly higher price. We believe it is great price for the convenience the Freeze Dried snacks and powders can offer.

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